“…a great atmosphere for learning…”

“Manasota Jiu Jitsu Club provides a great atmosphere for learning under black belt instruction. The school is welcoming to all that wish to come and visit. The students are respectful and open to having new people visit, join and train. There are about 9 black belts that circulate through this school and that will train on the mats with everyone. It is a must train at school in the west Florida area!”

-George Kline

“… absolutely a great place to train.”

“Was in town for a couple days and was fortunate to find this place. Not only is the instruction very solid but they are also everything you could want as a visitor. The welcoming atmosphere is prevalent from the black belts to the white belts. And the quality of jiu jitsu is fantastic. Absolutely a great place to train”

-John Barsotti