Clayton Lyon is the head instructor and co-owner at Manasota Jiu Jitsu. He teaches the majority of the classes and is an active competitor in gi and no gi tournaments. Clayton teaches children classes, adult classes (gi and no gi), and fundamental classes. He also runs the day to day activities at Manasota.

Travis Hart is the co-owner of Manasota Jiu Jitsu and teaches an awesome no gi class on Thursday night. Travis’ nick name is “The Limb Collector” due to his heavy pressure style of passing and maintaining control.

We are fortunate and thankful that Professor Pat McDonald trains with us and teaches our no gi day time classes on Tuesday and Thursdays and joins us on the weeks for open mat. Professor Pat is the Director of Data Science, Professor of Mathematics at New College of Florida and was a World Champion and Pan-Am Champion in 2009 and 2010.

Lisa Lyon is Manasota Jiu Jitu’s first female black belt and was promoted by Travis and Clayton on August 10th, 2019. She teaches fundamentals class on Wednesday evenings and works as an Assistant Principal for Sarasota County Schools.

Christopher Carey teachers a no gi class on Thursday evenings.  “Coach Viccy” brings his wealth of competition experience into his classes and keeps everyone updated on the latest Jiu Jitsu techniques.

Chris Baguette “Coach Chachi” leads our kids classes along with Professor Clayton.  Coach Chachi run a tight ship, encourages kiddo to try their best, and instils a ‘never give up’ attitude in all of his students.

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