While Clayton is out continued…

I forgot to post this earlier!   Reid taught an awesome, but very tough gi class tonight according to Olivia (and she always says how it is).  He will be teaching again this Wednesday during his regularly schedule class.

Chris started the evening out with a 5:30 gi fundamentals class.  He will be teaching a no gi fundamentals class this Thursday at 5:30.

Tuesday night at 6:30 will be instructed by Matt.  Don’t miss out!

Wednesday will start off with Ladies class at 5:30pm taught by Mrs. Erin Hart!  Come prepared for lots of grappling! Next will be Judo with Matt at 6:30pm, and Reid will be ending the evening with a gi class at 7:30pm.

We are really thankful to have awesome instructors/friends/training partners that are willing to step in and cover for us while we are on vacation!  Knowing that classes are in good hands makes our trip so much better!  We hope everyone is taking advantage of the awesome knowledge being dropped!


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